Virtual Workshops

Our Virtual Workshops are available to anyone and everyone wherever you are based!


They are tailored to individual Key Stage groups, designed to teach students about habitats, species and wider environmental issues in a fun, engaging and inspiring way. 


Our education team will bring the Sanctuary to you by providing your group with a curriculum-linked workshop including a combination of pre-recorded videos, discussions, activities and challenges. They will additionally learn about our adorable, rescued residents and the important work we are doing from rescue to rehabilitation. 


This package is fully open to customisation and adaptation. We can accommodate specialised and individual requirements on request to ensure children of all learning abilities are able to take part and get involved. 


Included in this package: 


  • Ocean Habitat and Marine Mammals

Learn about our oceans, habitats, marine mammals, seal adaptations and threats to our delicate marine environment. 


  • A Changing World: Plastic Pollution

Discuss the plastic problem; plastics and micro-plastics, the threats they pose to our marine environment and wildlife, how they end up in our food chain and sustainable plastic alternatives. 



  • Pre and post-workshop resources for you and your class to keep and complete in your own time with additional suggested topics of conversation and learning.


Cost: £50 for 1 hour


To book simply email – or call us on 01326 221 361


Terms and Conditions
* Available to book all year (excluding school holidays)
* Two weeks notice required prior to desired booking date
* Maximum 120 students