Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to pre-book a timeslot?

No, you no longer need to pre-book a timeslot to visit us. We do recommend you book your ticket online in order to beat the queues but if you already have tickets, discount vouchers or want to be flexible with your arrival time, then you can simply turn up at the sanctuary. 


How do I pre-book my slot?

You no longer need to pre-book your arrival slot. 


I have a discount voucher. Can I use it?

Yes, you cannot use your discount voucher online however so you will need to just bring the discount voucher with you when you arrive at the sanctuary. 


I already have a 12-month ticket. Can I use it?

Yes, you can now just turn up at the sanctuary with your signed tickets and you will be able to gain entry. 


I have a 12-month ticket that expired whilst you were closed, is it still valid?

Unfortunately not. If your ticket expired between the 5th January - 12th April (our closed period) then we extended tickets until the end of April but we have not extended them beyond this as we reopened on the 12th April. 


What safety measures do you have in place?

Whilst restrictions have been lifted legally, we still have the following measures in place:

· Full COVID-19 risk assessment in place

· Covid Cleaning regime and provided hand sanitiser stations around the site

· Staff will continue wearing PPE such as masks. 

· All staff are testing.


Will you make people wear facemasks/face coverings in your giftshop and retail spaces?

Whilst it is no longer a legal requirement, we do ask guests to considering wearing a mask in order to try and keep others safe where possible. 


Do you have toilets onsite?

Yes, we have toilets in our admissions building, by the hospital and by the penguins enclosure. 


Will your café be open?

Our café is open for takeaways, serving hot and cold food. 


Is the retail shop open?

Yes, our retail shop will be open every day.


Is the bus running?

We no longer have a bus running but we do have our golf buggy, which can help you access the site on request. Please ask for assistance on arrival.


Can I bring my dog?

Of course you can! Dogs are welcome along with you, but must be kept on leads.