AK Wildlife Boat Tours

AK Wildlife Cruise's multi award-winning cruises take place all year round covering the whole of Falmouth Bay and its surrounding rugged coastline. This is a wonderful way to see Cornwall’s outstanding marine wildlife. With passionate naturalists on board every trip and potential sighting of dolphins and seals on any single cruise, they are popular with all ages!

Upcoming Dates

£50 per adult and £40 per child for our 3 hour cruises.

Please note, future dates to be confirmed.

Please call AK Wildlife Cruise on 07553606838 to book your trip today!

Seals in Cornwall

Seals can be spotted along the shoreline at any time of the year, basking and playing in the water or hauled out on beaches or rocks, particularly at low tide.

Occasionally they are also found further out to sea where they have been hunting, as well as right up our spectacular Fal Estuary - the third deepest natural harbour in the world.

Falmouth, on the south coast of Cornwall, has several small colonies of grey seals making it a great place to spot these charismatic mammals, and pupping season which usually falls between September – January offers a time for when we can observe mums with their pups which is always very special.

Captain Keith

Captain Keith has been working as a professional wildlife guide now for some 45 years and loves nothing more than sharing his knowledge and passion for all wildlife with everybody.

Each of his crew are qualified zoology and marine biology graduates so you can be sure you are in excellent hands.

AK Wildlife Cruises are proud to work closely with several conservation groups and charities, collecting valuable data on all species encountered and encouraging respectful wildlife-watching practices, allowing you to come and view our marine wildlife in a responsible way, causing minimal disturbance.

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