Pup Wishlist Appeal


The Cornish Seal Sanctuary needs your help! Each season, the Sanctuary rescues between 50-70 seals pups in need every winter and each pup costs, on average, £2000 to rehabilitate, not including special cases.

Seal pups can find themselves in difficulty due to issues such as malnourishment due to separation from mum, wounds caused by marine litter or storms and disturbance from human activity, leaving them unable to fend for themselves in the wild. This is where the Cornish Seal Sanctuary comes in. We rescue seal pups who need support during these difficult times. With decades of experience, our team of experts are able to give them the care they need, administering lifesaving medication or facilitating vital surgery and helping them to learn how to fend for themselves before they can be released back to the wild.

Pup season usually runs from October to March, but, this year, seal pups started washing up around the coastline in August and we had to be ready for action - this is where you can help! We urgently need donations to help purchase some of the following items for our pup hospital;

  • £6.50 buys a bag of saline - we will use around 20-30 bags per season
  • £10.56 buys a digital veterinary thermometer - we will use around 15 of these per season
  • £3.99 buys a 500g bag of cotton wool - we will use around 6-7kg of this per season
  • £21.25 buys 5 litres of surgical spirit - we will use about 10 of these per season
  • £45 buys a waterproof rucksack to carry the basic kit needed for a rescue - we will need another 3 of these
  • £37.28 buys 5 litres of Hibiscrub to clean wounds - we will use around 10 of these per season
  • £116.57 buys a rubber foot bath to protect against contamination - we will use around 5 of these per season

And much more!

A donation of any size would go such a long way, and help to protect the animals at our Sanctuary that has been a huge part of Cornwall's heritage and an important animal rescue facility for over 60 years.

Thank you for your support! Every penny you donate helps us keep our vital work going!