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Welcome to the Cornish Seal Sanctuary Seal School!

Join us every monday for the latest edition of the home education package, free for you to download.

There are 6 workbooks and adult answer books, covering 6 weeks worth of education. The topics range from our 'changing world', to 'seals and sea lions' to'ocean habitats and marine mammals.'

These workbooks have been created by our education team here at the sanctuary and are in line with the current curriculum.


Week 1 (Simply click to download)

'Seals and Sea Lions' Workbook

'Seals and Sea Lions' Answer book


Week 2 (Simply click to download)

 'Habitats and Marine Mammals' Workbook

'Habitats and Marine Mammals' Answer book


Week 3 (Simply click to download)

'Our Plastic Problem' Workbook

'Our Plastic Problem' Answer book


Week 4 (Simply click to download)

'Literacy with Lily' Workbook

'Literacy with Lily' Answer book


Week 5 (Simply click to download)

'Wonderful Wildlife' Workbook

'Wonderful Wildlife' Answer book


Week 6 (Simply click to download)

'Changing World' Workbook

'Changing World' Answer book



Seal School Certificate

Seal School Certificate

The Cornish Seal Sanctuary is a charity that rescues and rehabilitates seal pups from around the Cornish Coastline and therefore, are incredibly grateful for any donation received. Your money could go a long way to helping our animals get the care they really need. 


We hope throughout your 6 weeks of learning with us here at the sanctuary, you will be shown why we exist and why the work we do is so important to protect marine life.


Should you have any questions regarding your studies, please contact either;