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Turn your Lockdown non-essentials into seal essentials

It feels so long ago since we could treat ourselves to a night out, hair cut or even a takeaway coffee during the daily commute. With the Seal Sanctuary in Cornwall now closed due to Covid-19, the team are turning to the public asking for donations of their lockdown non-essentials to help them to continue looking after the marine animals in their care. 

Following the government guidelines, the Sanctuary closed its doors to visitors who are absolutely vital for keeping the charity going. Now, while there is no money coming in, the animal care team are still working extremely hard to ensure all the animals are fed and given their vital medical care.

Nearly £2000 a month is spent on medication and £5000 a month on feeding the animals, without the support from their visitors, they are now concerned about the impact that this may have on their residents and the pup rescue and rehabilitation work the charity is so well known for. 

The Sanctuary are asking the public to help by donating the money that they would normally spend on (now) luxury items such as takeaway coffee to a family weekend out, to help support them during this difficult time.


A breakdown of what the money could do for the Cornish Seal Sanctuary;


Takeaway Coffee - £4 - feeds one pup the fish it needs for a day at the final stage of rehabilitation


Coffee Shop Lunch - £10 – Ray the seal’s thyroid treatment for 1 week


Hair Cut - £25 – specialist eye drops for one of our blind seals for 1 week


Nails - £35 – feeds the Grey Seal residents for one day


Dinner at a Restaurant - £40 - provides 1 week of fish soup for young seal pup in rehabilitation


Night Out - £50 – a vet visit including pup clinical assessment and blood sample 


Concert or a Football Game - £60 – medication for Tuppence the asthmatic pony for 1 week


Family Weekend Out - £200 – a one week’s course of antibiotics for one resident seal like Marlin needed after his dental operation


You can donate to the Sanctuary via their website - or make a £10 donation by texting SEAL 10 to 70085. Or any whole amount up to £20. 


“The Cornish Seal Sanctuary has been operating for over 60 years, rescuing and rehabilitating seal pups and providing a forever home to animals that would not be able to make it in the wild. In this time, we have never experienced anything like this before that has made us close our doors for so long. These sure are some very trying times and I would like to thank all of our supporters out there thinking of us and keeping us going. Let’s all be kind and stay safe.” Jana Sirova, General Manager, Cornish Seal Sanctuary. 


We are happy to provide any additional images or footage from the Cornish Seal Sanctuary. Please get in touch with Georgina Shannon  email