California Sea Lions

California Sea Lions

Meet our California Sea Lions, Andre and Sunny! The pair get on really well and you will often see them racing in the water together, or snoozing together on the side of the pool!

Andre is one of the most advanced animals at husbandry training, so the team can easily carry out daily health checks. Andre loves his food and his favourite is squid!

Sunny has a very quirky character and often makes people laugh. He is intelligent and a little cheeky - he will tap on the glass to get the attention of the animal care team when they are feeding the grey seals in the neighboring pool.


Did you know?

  • Sea Lions cannot smell under water. When they dive they close their nostrils to prevent water entering them.
  • California Sea Lions are excellent swimmers; they can dive up to 180m, swim at 18 miles per hour and stay underwater for up to 20 minutes at a time!
  • A group of Sea Lions in the sea is called a raft. California sea lions will often float together at sea when resting -there’s safety in numbers
  • Sea Lion vocals are really individual and pups can recognise their mother just by the sounds she makes
  • Sometimes, California Sea Lions can be seen holding their flippers out of the surface of the water. This is because their front flippers help regulate their temperature. Blood vessels in the flipper will constrict when it is cold which prevents heat loss. However if it is hot, blood flow increases so the area cools more quickly.